Tips for a Less Stressful Holiday

Pre-planning for the holidays, along with modifying expectations and traditions, can make a huge difference for you and your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Below are some helpful tips to reduce stress:

1. Only do what you and your loved one can manage, and be okay with that.

2. Choose the traditions and activities that are the most important. Leave out the rest.

3. Hosting a party? Maybe a small party will do instead of the huge event from years past.

4. Opt for catered or take-out to round out the food. Or, consider hosting an event that is potluck.

5. Where possible, have a place where your loved one can take a break from the festivities to rest.

6. If having any visitors during the holiday season, try to keep it to two or three at most. Too many at one time can be overwhelming.

7. What is your loved ones’ best time of day? Schedule any visitors for that time.

8. Keep lighted candles out of the house, as well as decorations that may be mistaken for edible food.

9. Remember to take care of yourself too.

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