Alzheimer's FastTrack Registration(v4)

1. Registrant Information

2. Abstract

Workshop participants are asked to submit an abstract describing their current or planned Alzheimer’s disease research. This abstract is a summary of the information that will be used for the attendee’s 5 minute “Elevator Speech” introducing themselves, their research, and what/who has inspired them to pursue a career in Alzheimer’s disease research. Copies of this abstract will be shared with other workshop attendees.

Instructions for information to include In the submitted abstract:

  • Abstract title
  • Authors: Please list your name first, and your mentor’s name last.
  • Affiliations: Please list your University/Institution(s) and Department(s).
  • Abstract: 350 words maximum. Please do not include images, figures, or tables in your abstract.
  • Keywords: three words maximum.
  • Document Format: Microsoft Word, file extension saved in .docx. Please name the file with the first and last name of the workshop attendee (i.e. Last Name, First Name.docx).
  • Page format: 8.5" X 11" letter format (please do not use A4 format).
3. Hotel Reservations
Hotel reservations at the [Hotel Name] are included with your registration fee and will be made on your behalf for arrival on [DATE] and departure on [DATE].
4. Payment Information
Your credit card will be charged $XXXXX


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